Making new, unprecedented ideas a reality.

Under the concept of “making new, unprecedented ideas a reality,” SNC INC. began selling sports goods to Chinese tourists as a pioneer in the inbound market. After that, the company searched for and discovered markets with latent demand that no one else had attempted, engaged in the development of unique businesses, services and products, and embodied a new business model. These accomplishments and ideas as well as the ability to make them happen – these are the strengths of SNC INC. Our mission is to foresee the businesses and products that will be needed, and create unprecedented and valuable business, not only by ourselves but together with numerous other companies.

Continuing to create and provide new businesses.

“Even though you know that if you don’t do something new, you won’t survive, you still can’t come up with any fresh ideas. And you wouldn’t be able to make them a reality anyway.” Even companies like this possess many resources. We use these resources to the maximum and develop businesses to create new business models in line with the times, and we provide systematic support from marketing consultations on management and PR to distribution for sales. In addition to business development and management using systems constructed uniquely by us, we continue to create and provide businesses in areas of demand, such as sales and development of products in line with inbound consumption and expanding distribution channels through EC sites both domestically and overseas.

Enjoy creating new businesses together with us.
Work that interests you makes you grow.

SNC INC. is an elite venture company. Each and every member of the company aids in making unprecedented ideas a reality. The employees work to create the businesses and products that are needed by someone, and all the employees agree that, “It’s a fun job.” If you do not feel that your present job is fun, then that may be proof that you are looking to grow. At SNC INC., we believe that “personal growth serves as the driving force of the company.” We provide an environment in which you can display the maximum performance you are capable of as well as the chance to create work that you find “fun” on your own.

December 4th, 2008
Trade name
Contents of business
Distribution / Marketing and consulting / Business development
GRAVA Daikanyama 1F, 1-1
Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
03-6455-3660 (Representative) MAP
35,000,000 JPY
Representative Director
Hiroo Kato
15 employees *As of April 1st, 2016